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Care for sick children or foreign language Babysitting is also available.


We have expanded our babysitter dispatching in Tokyo, Saitama, Kanagawa and Chiba.

If you have plans to hire a babysitter between 12/28~1/5, please book early to guaranty a booking.(Customers that are not members can also make bookings.)

Fees and other options for Babysitting services.

  • babysitter yokohama

    ベビーシッター 神奈川

    Care for sick children, foreign language babysitting,and babysitter's home childcare fee is also the same.


    ベビーシッター 料金

  • スポット会員

    世田谷区 ベビーシッター

    This is a convenient plan for an emergency or for when the child is sick. We can provide service immediately for the day that you need.


    ベビーシッター 世田谷区

Various plans are also available at the same rates.

  • 外国人シッター派遣

    ベビーシッター 文京区

    Foreigner Dispatching Babysitting Service

    In addition to foreign languages Babysitters, as an option, we can dispatch Babysitting English teachers too.

  • シッター宅での保育

    ベビーシッター 目黒区

    Childcare in baby sitter's home.

    The day care environment meets the required Hygiene standards for caring for the child. Over night stay is also possible.

  • 病児保育

    ベビーシッター 新宿

    For children who have colds.

    In case of emergencies, you can request that the Babysitter pick up the child at the nursery and escort them to the hospital that you choose.

  • シッティング+家事

    ベビーシッター 港区

    Alternate Housekeeping Service

    This service does not interfere with the Babysitting service, this is a housekeeping service and a Babysitting service combined.

In order to know HoneyClover services better.

  • ご利用者様の声

    ベビーシッター 品川区


  • よくあるご質問

    ベビーシッター 千葉

    If you are in a hurry, please contact us directly by phone.
    Phone  03-6431-9647

  • 料金表とサービスエリア

    ベビーシッター 世田谷

    Our services have various options such as English teaching, general prices, and service areas in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, now including the Saitama area.

  • プレ会員

    杉並区 ベビーシッター

    You will get e-mails with the Babysitters self introduction and of the customers opinion. The members can also appoint a Babysitter for themselves.

  • お手続きの流れ

    ベビーシッター 東京都

    For the regular membership application registration, we will directly contact you. We can visit anytime that is convenient for you, weeknights, including weekends and holidays.

The opinions written here are from actual customers.

  • I want the babysitter to pick up my child from preschool and take him home, then make dinner for him.(Female 37yrs. Suginami)
  • I would like to hire a babysitter that is from my country.(Male 40yrs. Kawasaki)
  • My child has a fever and I would like a babysitter to come to my house to take care of my child.(Female 41yrs. Setagaya)
  • I need to work at home so I would like to have my child taken care of at the babysitter's house.(Male 38yrs. Meguro)
  • I need to pick up my child at the elementary school but because I have to work I would like to have a babysitter go pick up my child for me.(Female 34yrs. Toshima)
  • Everyone at my house speaks Chinese so I would like to have a babysitter that speaks Chinese come to my house.(Female 38yrs. Shinjuku)
  • Because I have a new born child, I need a babysitter that can help with the babysitting and housework too.(Female 36yrs. Minato)
  • My work required me to suddenly go out of town so I needed a babysitter to take care of my child at the babysitter's house for a few days.(Male 48yrs. Ota)
  • While I was at a consert, the French speaking babysitter took care of my child at the hotel.(Female 42yrs. France)
  • I came to Japan just for vacation, while I was shopping, I had an American babysitter take care of my child.(Female 32yrs. China)
  • Not only is the price of a babysitter important to me but I need a reliable babysitting company that I can trust.(Female 35yrs. Shibuya)

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